Massage therapist Tracie L. Brooke received her training at Cortiva Institute-Tuscon, formerly Desert Institute of The Healing Arts. She holds a South Carolina and Florida licenses in addition to being board certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 

Tracie has been in private practice serving Beaufort County, SC residents since 2013 and the referred LMT at Bluffton Family Chiropractic specializing in therapeutic bodywork and injury rehabilitation from 2013-2015. She previously worked with Ahh Green Spa on Hilton Head Island and had a successful practice in Tucson, AZ following graduation. Tracie's long-term clients affectionately refer to her as, "The Body Mechanic" and include bodywork and massage "tune-ups" as part of their wellness strategies.  

The Body Mechanic offers a unique massage style designed to promote your body’s own healing mechanisms by integrating clinical medical massage techniques, experienced caring hands and an intuitive energy. Each body is beautifully original so each massage/bodywork session is uniquely designed and personalized to meet your specific needs and goals. 
Tracie is pa
ssionate about massage therapy as a vital wellness strategy. She shares her knowledge about body mechanics to educate and empower you to control your own discomforts and pain on a daily basis at home/office. 

Whether you seek to ...

Relax away the stresses of your work week or home life

Ease muscle tension to address those nagging aches and pains

Rehabilitate an injury or any combination ...

The Body Mechanic offers an empowering experience that is all about you and your well-being.

More than a just a massage...

                             Have a new experience focused on empowering you! 

​​"The Body Mechanic"

Licensed Massage Therapist, SC 8021/FL MA82364

Tracie L. Brooke

The Well

Healing Studio MA8021